What is schizoaffective disorder?

Schizoaffective disorder is a much less well known condition than bipolar disorder. It’s diagnosed when there is clear evidence of a mood disorder – depression or bipolar – and psychotic symptoms that occur for at least two weeks during periods of stable mood. The lifetime prevalence of the disorder is a tiny 0.3%,

Symptoms of psychosis include hallucinations (false sensory perceptions), delusions (fixed false beliefs that don’t respond well to logic), and disorganized thinking (often appearing as tangential speech). People with psychotic disorders may also experience what are called negative symptoms, such as loss of interest, flat affect, and difficulties with hygiene.

The way I experience schizoaffective is that I have periods of time where hallucinations and delusions rule my life, sometime so much so that I need to be in the hospital. I thankfully don’t have negative symptoms as things now stand.