Schizoaffective disorder

Over the past few weeks I went through an awful psychotic episode that landed me in hospital for a week. Without going into much detail, I felt like I was being monitored and controlled by an outside force, such that I began to believe I had to try to hurt/kill myself. I was hospitalized for my own safety.

While in hospital, my doctor switched out one med for another: zyprexa. So far it’s working out great! My delusions and hallucinations have mostly subsided and I’ve been able to return to school.

Another change was my diagnosis. Because I have episodes of psychosis without mood symptoms attached, my doctor diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder. Schizoaffective means that I have a mood disorder (bipolar) and psychotic symptoms that occur even when I’m not manic or depressed. People tend to describe schizoaffective as a mixture of schizophrenia and bipolar, but at least in my case that’s misleading. It’s more like having bipolar but with more pronounced psychosis that happens before and/or after mood episodes end.

Anyway… hopefully soon I’ll write out a longer description of my schizoaffective symptoms. Is a hugely misunderstood diagnosis because so few people have it and there is little research.

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