School is kicking into gear and I’m starting to feel the effects of its hyperdrive. To be totally honest, I am super committed to staying mentally well and have been finishing work early (is 9pm early?) and allowing myself to spend half of Saturday sleeping/DBSA meeting. But apart from that it’s work work WORK.

I have a ton of deadlines coming up for applications and I’m feeling the pressure. I need to sort out how to spend the summer back in the Middle East. I haven’t traveled internationally in 6 years… wow. Last trip was to the Middle East. I’m super nervous that I won’t get a grant. I’m even more nervous about how my mental health will hold up. I’ve been going strong mood-wise now for a month and a half. I think my last really good stretch was 2 months? So good but nothing to throw a party about yet. Let me get through a semester without needing the hospital. Then we can party.

I can do this. I can do this.

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