Inpatient treatment

Last monday I was admitted to hospital following a deterioration of my depressive episode. Overall it was stressful, but I manage to power through and survive some important med tweaks.

An interesting thing came up in the process of describing my symptoms. My inpatient psychiatrist thinks there is a chance I have schizoaffective disorder, since I’m experiencing a lot of psychosis. It sounds like that’s something that will be monitored from here on out. Having psychosis – losing touch with reality – outside mania or depression might warrant a SZA diagnosis rather than just regular bipolar.

For now that’s just a thought. She even said she had no intention of changing my diagnosis now, but prognosis-wise it’s scary to think about. I already have “very severe” bipolar according to her.

Anyway, I’m home with the kitties, happy to have my freedom back. Still struggling with this depressive episode but doing better.

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