Benign hallucinations

When I’m stressed I tend to experience auditory hallucinations. They’re fairly benign… the kind that’s located not quite in and not quite out of my head. [I also have experienced hallucinations that seem to be in the room with me (whispering mainly).] The ones I had today were mostly gibberish and mildly annoying. They’re worth paying attention to only because they mean I’m stressed, physically and mentally. That sounds right.

I’m still fighting depression. As a result, I sleep a lot. I think I’ve surpassed the 12 hour mark by now. When I’m awake, I’m lazy and slow.

The suicidal ideation is still there, but the intent is much farther away today. I don’t want to hurt myself, which is good. Baby steps, here. I still have *that* bottle of pills, which makes me nervous. I might have to give them to my doctor. They might be too dangerous to keep around.

Final thought: I took Saphris today at around 2pm. It made me feel trippy and weird and I decided to ride it out with a long nap. If I can manage a long nap every afternoon, maybe that’s the solution to the medication side effect problem?

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