Survive this

Depression has the ability to stop time. To make you feel like you’ve always been depressed, and you always will be depressed.

At the moment I feel: flat, disinterested, slowed down, and a bit obsessive over ways to harm myself.

Now take that, and add in school. The two don’t go together very well. School is hopeful… with school there is a purpose, a future. With depression there’s just nothingness.

I hope this goes away soon, but I doubt it will. I get depressed during the summer.

I’ve decided to lower my expectations. If I need hospital at some point this summer, fine. Not a failure. Hopefully I won’t, but my priority is to survive this.

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4 Responses to Survive this

  1. Try Dying says:

    Stick through it my friend. There are many others who have encountered what you are going through and conquered the hopelessness that is depression. Keep busy always and don’t stop blogging!

    • J.A. says:

      Thank you for the support! I do try to keep busy with school, which I think is helpful. Often I’d rather just lay in bed, but I know that’s a downward spiral.

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