Medication disaster

I had a terrible day. I woke up late feeling groggy. Managed to eat something and obtain coffee before heading to class.

Once in class, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Literally. I was falling asleep in a discussion class of four people! I chugged my coffee and a diet coke, hoping for some wakefulness, but all I got was nausea. I excused myself from class, went home, and fell asleep until 3pm.

The culprit is Geodon. I started Geodon about a month ago while in hospital, when I was having severe obsessive thoughts and delusions. This consisted of believing that I had to hurt myself because it was my fate, and there was an executioner entity that was overseeing my destruction. Bizarre, I know. Geodon did away with that.

I’m not having these problems right now, which means that I have no patience for falling asleep in class. I’ve emailed my doctor to tell him Geodon is off the table. I know he has back-up plans. But this is the BP PhD blog, right? Can’t do a PhD if I’m sleeping all day!

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