Sleep problems

If you have bipolar, then you know how important sleep is to maintaining wellbeing. I am super sensitive to sleep changes, even more so than the average bipolar person. Many people with bipolar type 1 will stop sleeping entirely or go on 2 hours a night when manic; I can be floridly manic on 4-5 hours per night, especially if I’m taking sedating medications (which I am).

For the past few nights I’ve struggled to fall asleep. The primarily culprit, I believe, is Geodon; the newest addition to my med family. Paradoxically, it’s both sedating and activating. So when I take it at night, I have trouble getting to sleep. But if I take it in the morning, I fall asleep in class. What to do!

Currently I’m taking propranolol to counteract the side effects of Geodon, but it’s not working well enough. I went to bed near midnight and woke up at 5am, wide awake. Rather than try to fall back asleep, I curled up with Netflix and waited for breakfast.

I’m running on 5 hours of sleep and I feel fine. I bit stressed perhaps, but fine. That’s bad. I should feel tired. I don’t want to make a pattern of this.

Tonight I’m aiming for 7 hours of sleep. Wish me luck!

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