Summertime sadness

My bipolar disorder has a seasonal pattern. In the fall I tend to have hypomanic or manic episodes. In the summer I deal with depression.

So here I am, fighting off another long, vicious depression. I’ve been largely depressed since early March. Following two hospitalizations for depression, I decided to take a medical leave of absence. During that time I attended intensive outpatient (IOP) and individual therapy. Despite this, I fell back into a depression complicated by OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and psychosis.

With the addition of a new medication (Geodon), I was deemed well enough for school, and I’ve currently just finished up week two of a summer language program. Six more weeks to go. I’m registered with disability services and my professors are aware that I have a disability. So far I haven’t needed any special treatment, but if my depression worsens I might. I have been really struggling with obsessive suicidal thoughts. So far I feel safe and am able to get my work done, but how I’m doing is really a day-by-day process.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to update at least once per week. I’d like jumpstart this blog!

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  1. What language? \V/

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